George A. Colburn

Historian + Filmmaker

Dr. Colburn, historian and filmmaker, is available for video-illustrated presentations on "The Eisenhower Era, 1941 – 1961" and on additional subjects related to his 35-year career as a writer-producer-director of history-based documentaries.

His topics on Dwight D. Eisenhower include:

  • The Supreme Allied Commander: The internal and external battles from Normandy to Berlin, 1944 – 45.
  • From Warrior to the Presidency: Why "Ike" ran, and how he won, 1952.
  • "Waging Peace" in an era of "mutually assured destruction," 1953 – 1961.
  • Sputnik, spy planes and ICBMs: The battle to control space, 1956 – 1960.
  • The Rationale and Meaning of Ike's "Farewell Address," 1961
  • Civil Rights in the 1950s: Ike, LBJ and JFK confront the race issue in different ways, 1956 – 1960.
  • How Ike destroyed "McCarthyism" and ended America's rampant political extremism, 1953 – 1954.

His other topics include:

  • Young Hemingway:  Finding His Muse in Northern Michigan, 1899 – 1921
  • Navajo Code Talkers:  America's Native Heroes of World War II
  • America's Immigration Dilemma:  Myths and Realities, 1945 to present

Colburn's work on the military and political careers of "Ike" has won critical acclaim from many scholars working in the fields of American military, political and diplomatic history at mid-20th century – a period that continues to influence greatly our nation's foreign and domestic policies.

Learn More About These Topics:

Dr. George A. Colburn interviews former President Richard M. Nixon in 1991 for the first program in The Eisenhower Legacy series.

Producer George Colburn works with Colin Powell on the host's script for The Eisenhower Legacy series that premiered on the Disney Channel in 1998.

The late John Chancellor (right) hosted and narrated the first three Eisenhower Legacy specials. At West Point, Colburn directs cameraman Vince Gancie as Chancellor waits for his cue.

Young Hemingway

Producer George Colburn interviews Ernie Mainland at Windemere for the "Young Hemingway" documentary.

Young Hemingway

Producer George Colburn with the late Keith Little, president of the Navajo Code Talker Association, on the island of Saipan, in 2005, during taping of interviews for “Navajo Code Talkers: In Their Own Words.”